PANTHER PROJECT VOL 1 - Drivetrain and Hull
  • PANTHER PROJECT VOL 1 - Drivetrain and Hull
  • PANTHER PROJECT VOL 1 - Drivetrain and Hull

PANTHER PROJECT VOL 1 - Drivetrain and Hull

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This is the first in a planned series of 4-5 photo study volumes documenting the full restoration of a WW2 Panther tank at the Wheatcroft Collection.

The Wheatcroft Collection is the second largest private Armour collection in the world.

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Ceci est le premier d'une série prévue de 4 à 5 volumes d'études photographiques documentant la restauration complète d'un tank WW2 Panther dans la collection Wheatcroft.

La Wheatcroft Collection est la deuxième plus grande collection privée de blindés au monde.

Dedicated to the preservation and restoration of both military and civilian subjects, it owns over 150 vehicles. The Research Squad are working with the collection to bring its work to a wider public audience through a variety of media and a dedicated website.

The Panther Project is a planned series fully documenting the restoration to full working order of a WW2 Panther tank. The opportunity is quite unique as this has never been done before, and given the resources needed to restore such vehicles, will probably never be available again. As such each volume will document a different area of restoration, the bulk of each volume being high resolution images of the subject matter. This, the first volume in the series, documents the work done to date on the inner hull and drive train of the vehicle.


Fiche technique

Auteur 1
Lee Lloyd
Auteur 2
Brian Balkwill
Auteur 3
Alasdair Johnston
Date de publication
November 2018
over 180 photos

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