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Auteur 1 Jean Philippe Borg

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Book Description The equipment of the German Soldier, at the beginning of the Second War, was strongly inspired by the Veterans of the Great war, despite the adoption of some new materials between the two wars, including the colorful canvas tent, particularly original for its time. This guide describes in detail the main variations of each piece, from the bayonet canister to the tank, gas masks. the individual tools, etc. This is a valuable tool for the collector, modeler and military historian. REVIEWS "A recent addition to the series of Militaria Guides from Histoire et Collections is another very handy reference not only for militaria collectors, but especially for modellers. There are some archive photos to give context to how the gear was worn, but the bulk of the book is filled with superb modern colour photos of the actual equipment, showing the multitude of variations that came about as the war progressed, of those developed for Tropical use in North Africa plus the differences between the different manufacturers of the same items... It is this variety of materials used among these items which make this not only interesting for the historian and militaria collector, but also for the keen re-enactor and particularly the modeller looking to get the detail and colouring as close to the original as possible. An excellent addition to this series of Militaria Guides." Military Modeling

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