M5 And M5A1 Stuart Light Tank



A Photographic Study

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Auteur 1 David Doyle
Date de publication 01/03/2007
Pages 40
Illustrations 79 colour and 64 b/w photos
Couverture Paperback
Langue English

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Named after the Civil War general Jeb Stuart, the Stuart was used by the British Army in North Africa during World War II. Although the tank lacked firepower and had bad internal layout, it was quick and mechanically reliable, earning it the nickname‘Honey’. When the US Army joined the Africa campaign in 1942, the Stuart units formed a large part of its armoured strength. The Stuart was particularly useful in the Pacific War. This was due to the Japanese infantry’s shortage of tanks and anti-tank weapons. Printed in Landscape format, this is the first in a new series of photo reference books. There are 40 pages, offering a well-chosen mixture of wartime photos of the M5A1 US Light Tank, better known as the Stuart. Numerous colour and black-and-white photos mixed with detailed text provide a great reference for this famous tank.

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