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The M-1 Carbine



Classic American Small Arms at War – Volume One

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Auteur 1 Tom Laemlein
Date de publication 01/03/2006
Pages 96
Illustrations 100 duotone photos
Couverture Hardback
Langue English

En savoir plus

• Highly illustrated with duotone images •Provides an intimate portrait of this famous weapon •Indispensable for collectors, modellers and re-enectors This new volume, along with Volume Two– The M-1 Garand – launches an exciting six-part series depicting classic American small arms in training and combat during World War II and Korea. Featuring exquisite, high-quality duotone images from the US National Archives, this book presents a unique and intimate look at the ubiquitous M1 Carbine as well as the valiant ‘dog-faced’ infantrymen and tank crews who used it. From combat in the forests of France and Germany, to the black sand beaches of the Pacific theatre and Korea, The M-1 Carbine contains roughly one hundred exceptional images which provide a wealth of visual information for gun collectors, re-enactors, modellers and historians interested in taking a new look at this legendary weapon.

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