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Panzer IV



The Wehrmacht’s Armoured Fist

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Auteur 1 Carlos Caballero Jurado
Auteur 2 Lucas Molina Franco
Date de publication 01/07/2007
Pages 96
Illustrations 69 colour plates
Couverture Paperback
Langue English
Editeur QUIRON

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The Panzer IV was perhaps the most versatile, useful and numerous German tank in service with the Wehrmacht in the Second World War. For its presence on all fronts, its use as a platform for different types of weapons–anti-aircraft and anti-tank, and its uninterrupted production during the whole conflict, it certainly deserves to be qualified as one of the best war machines of all time. The main role played by the Panzer IV in the history of the Panzerwaffe was never dreamt of, either by its German tank crews or its designers. The production figures, more than 8,600 built from 1934, give an idea of its leading role in the German armoured arm during the conflict. It became the workhorse of the Germany Army, capable of supporting infantry as well as being used as tank destroyers and flak platforms.

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