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The Top 10 Book of Kris Kringles, Merry Jingles, and Holiday Cheer

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Auteur 1 Kevin Cuddihy
Date de publication 31/10/2005
Pages 304
Couverture Paperback
Langue English

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It’s the rare bird that doesn’t like Christmas. Sure there are Scrooges and, here and there, cries of "Bah, humbug," but Christmas is a time for celebrating, for giving, and for trying to be just a little nicer to your fellow man. As the song goes, "If every day could be just like Christmas what a wonderful world it would be." Christmas's Most Wanted™is a celebration of the fun side of Christmas - the songs, the movies, the television shows, the history, the people, the laughs, even the commercialism . . . all that and more. So you’ll see such top-ten lists as different versions of both "The Twelve Days of Christmas" and "A Christmas Carol". You’ll read about traditions and the standard gift givers around the world. You’ll find out about how different song genres celebrate Christmas in music. You’ll relive the great-and not-so-great-cartoons of Christmas past. You’ll discover which television celebrities "graced" the world with their very own album of holiday tunes. And you’ll learn about births, deaths, and historical events that occurred on Christmas Day. With more than forty top-ten lists on all things merry, you’ll laugh, you’ll smile, and you’ll learn a lot of interesting stuff about Christmas that you didn’t know before. So curl up before the Yule log, pour yourself some eggnog, bite into a gingerbread cookie, and enjoy the book. Merry Christmas, Buon Natale, Feliz Navidad, and Erry-may Istmas-chray. However you say it, Christmas's Most Wanted™will certainly bring a dose of merriment to your holidays.

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