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The Battle of Marathon



2011 Ancient Warfare Special Edition

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Auteur 1 Jasper Oorthuys
Date de publication 31/08/2011
Pages 98
Illustrations 82
Couverture Paperback
Langue English

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Ancient Warfare Special 3: 'The Battle of Marathon' revolves around the climactic battle of the first Graeco-Persian War. 100 Pages of Ancient Warfare dedicated to a single theme, written by experts, illustrated with dozens of maps, photographs and original artwork. It contains the following chapters: - Séan Hussmann, 'Introduction to the theme' - Michael J. Taylor, 'Historical sources' - Dan Powers, 'The Ionian Revolt' - Fred Ray, 'The battle of Ephesus, 499 BC' - Duncan B. Campbell, 'Meanwhile, in Sparta' - Ron Ruiters, 'The Marathon Campaign' - Peter Krentz, 'The battle of Marathon' - Paul McDonnell-Staff, 'Greece and Persia from Marathon to Alexander' - Owen Rees, 'Blinding Epizelus: Ancient PTSD?' - Paul Bardunias, 'The Phalanx in Action' - Nicholas Sekunda, 'Dressing the hoplite' - Marek Wozniak, 'The Persian army' - Nicholas Sekunda, 'Dressing the Persian army' - Natascha Sojc, 'The Marathon Memorials of the 5th century BC' - Jona Lendering, 'Commemorating Marathon: Then and Now' - Stafanos Skarmintzos, 'Visiting Marathon'

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