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Ce livre est un examen détaillé des uniformes et de l'équipement utilisés par les unités d'élite et spécialisées de la marine américaine pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale. Les collectionneurs et les spécialistes de l'histoire s'émerveilleront devant l'éventail de textes et d'images inédits couvrant des sujets aussi peu traités que les équipes de...
Etude complète de ces véhicules. Ce livre contient 449 photos dont 290 photos d'époque sur le front ou tirés de manuels, 113 photos couleurs de véhicules restaurés avec photoscope des détails. 28 photos couleurs des 5 modèles. 16 modèles de camouflages et 69 dessins à l'échelle.  240 pages, soft cover, german & english texts, 449 photos (290 historic...
Etude complète de ces véhicules. Ce livre contient 275 photos dont 199 photos d'époque sur le front ou tirés de manuels, 142 photos couleurs de véhicules restaurés avec photoscope des détails. 41 photos couleurs des 5 modèles de Tony Greenland, Vinnie Branigan et 3 autres maquettistes. 64 pages de texte et tables techniques en anglais et allemand. 37...
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Lavishly illustrated book covering German Helmets from both World Wars Hardcover book with all you need to know about German Helmets from both World Wars Aesthetically layout with 1,480 high quality pictures Theory and gallery book for novices and veteran helmet collectors The German helmet is one of the most iconic symbols of the German soldier in World...
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Volume 2: The Beginning of the End, January 1974 – March 1975 A detailed account, based heavily on Vietnamese sources, of the continuing efforts of North Vietnam to invade the South. • A new study based primarily on Vietnamese-language sources, describing the disintegration of South Vietnam • Fully illustrated with rare and previously unpublished...
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The Fight Across Europe with the 80th “Blue Ridge” Division in World War II The untold story of Frank Lembo, one of Patton's men offering the rare perspective of what day-to-day warfare at the ground-level looked like in the European Theater through the eyes of one of the men spearheading the advance.
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Volume 1: High Command, Line and Light Infantry A fully illustrated unique record of the uniforms of the Napoleonic Danish and Norwegian armies and their flags in full colour.
Ce nouvel ouvrage sorti à l’occasion du 75e anniversaire du Débarquement de Normandie retrace en image l’épopée de la 101e Airborne Division en Normandie le 6 juin 1944 et les jours suivants.
Ce nouvel ouvrage sorti à l’occasion du 70e anniversaire du débarquement de Normandie retrace en image l’épopée de la 101e Airborne Division en 1944. Ce premier volume d’une série de cinq ouvrages totalisant plus de 3000 pages et 4000 photos est consacré aux quelques jours précédents le Jour-J.
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The Grand Strategy of D-Day & the Battle for Normandy and How 21 Heroic Deeds Helped Enable Victory Here, the entire D-Day campaign is re-evaluated and the incredible acts of valour committed by the Allied servicemen who would receive their nation's highest decoration (the Medal of Honour or Victoria Cross) are described alongside their citations and...

The Battleships of World War Two Vol 1

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The idea of creating such an album dedicated to the battleships of World War Two had been born in the last dozen or so years. During this period, various concepts appeared in print, which were meant to present those beautiful ships in the form of a "condensed pill.” 

SS-Kampfgruppe Peiper 1943–1945

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The military career of Jochen Peiper, one of the most valiant and decorated officers of the Waffen SS, told through the main battles and campaigns, which involved the units under his command, especially the armored Kampfgruppen of the Leibstandarte Adolf Hitler.
Western Tank Development 1945-1959 This book is intended to be the first in a short series looking at the major developments of battle tanks by the western nations in the period from the end of the Second World War to the present.
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